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About, ONEHOF, Ron’s Hall of Fame

Welcome to a web page that will someday, Lord willing, have All-Star teams for the whole of Major League Baseball history. I’m Ron Kitchell and I didn’t put a lot of thought into picking these teams, using Baseball Reference and WAR for the most part, but my hope isn’t necessarily 100 percent accuracy, but a look at the game as time marches by.


For any new readers, every year I pick a player who I believe to be the best player not currently in the ONEHOF, the One-a-Year Hall of Fame.

The following list is the prestigious ONEHOF and the Yes or No indicates whether that player is in the Cooperstown Hall of Fame. The picks thus far are:


1871-George Zettlein, P (No)

1872-Al Spalding, P (Yes)

1873-Bobby Mathews, P (No)

1874-Dick McBride, P (No)

1875-Ross Barnes, 2B (No)

1876-George Wright, SS (Yes)

1877-Cal McVey, 1B (No)

1878-Deacon White, 3B (Yes)

1879-Tommy Bond, P (No)

1880-Cap Anson, 1B (Yes)

1881-Jim O’Rourke, LF (Yes)

1882-Joe Start, 1B (No)

1883-Paul Hines, CF (No)

1884-Jim McCormick, P (No)

1885-Will White, P (No)

1886-Tim Keefe, P (Yes)

1887-Pud Galvin, P (Yes)

1888-Mickey Welch, P (Yes)

1889-Dan Brouthers, 1B (Yes)

1890-Jack Glasscock, SS (No)

1891-Roger Connor, 1B (Yes)

1892-Harry Stovey, 1B (No)

1893-Charlie Bennett, C (No)

1894-John Clarkson, P (Yes)

1895-Old Hoss Radbourn, P (Yes)

1896-John Ward, SS (Yes)

1897-Kid Nichols, P (Yes)

1898-Billy Hamilton, CF (Yes)

1899-Cy Young, P (Yes)

1900-Buck Ewing, C (Yes)

1901-Ed Delahanty, LF (Yes)

1902-Jake Beckley, 1B (Yes)

1903-King Kelly, RF (Yes)

1904-George Davis, SS (Yes)

1905-Bill Dahlen, SS (No)

1906-Honus Wagner, SS (Yes)

1907-Bobby Wallace, SS (Yes)

1908-Nap Lajoie, 2B (Yes)

Ron’s Hall of Fame

I also have a second Hall of Fame, which is creatively called Ron’s Hall of Fame, in which any player whose career WAR multiplied by the number of All-Star teams made is 300 or greater is in.

The Yes or No indicates whether that player is in the Cooperstown Hall of Fame. The picks thus far are:

Cap Anson, 1B (Yes)

Jake Beckley, 1B (Yes)

Charlie Bennett, C (No)

Tommy Bond, P (No)

Dan Brouthers, 1B (Yes)

Charlie Buffinton, P (No)

Jesse Burkett, LF (Yes)

Bob Caruthers, P (No)

Cupid Childs, 2B (No)

Fred Clarke, LF (Yes)

John Clarkson, P (Yes)

Ty Cobb, CF (Yes)

Jimmy Collins, 3B (Yes)

Roger Connor, 1B (Yes)

Sam Crawford, RF (Yes)

Bill Dahlen, SS (No)

George Davis, SS (Yes)

Ed Delahanty, LF (Yes)

Buck Ewing, C (Yes)

Elmer Flick, RF (Yes)

Pud Galvin, P (Yes)

Jack Glasscock, SS (No)

Clark Griffith, P (No)

Billy Hamilton, CF (Yes)

Paul Hines, CF (No)

Tim Keefe, P (Yes)

Willie Keeler, RF (Yes)

King Kelly, RF (Yes)

Nap Lajoie, 2B (Yes)

Bobby Mathews, P (No)

Christy Mathewson, P (Yes)

Jim McCormick, P (No)

Joe McGinnity, P (Yes)

Bid McPhee, 2B (Yes)

Tony Mullane, P (Yes)

Kid Nichols, P (Yes)

Jim O’Rourke, LF (Yes)

Eddie Plank, P (Yes)

Old Hoss Radbourn, P (Yes)

Hardy Richardson, 2B (No)

Amos Rusie, P (Yes)

Al Spalding, P (Yes)

Harry Stovey, 1B (No)

Sam Thompson, RF (Yes)

Honus Wagner, SS (Yes)

Bobby Wallace, SS (Yes)

John Ward, SS (Yes)

Mickey Welch, P (Yes)

Deacon White, 3B (Yes)

Jim Whitney, P (No)

Vic Willis, P (Yes)

Cy Young, P (Yes)




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